Monitor your 1Password item usage and significant audit events effectively with Resmo.

1Password audit logging creates a security-specific chronological record that captures every instance an item is accessed or an audit-relevant event occurs. This gives organizations a clear picture of how and when their sensitive items within 1Password are being utilized, and by whom. Specifically, it can help to:

  • Monitor access to critical credentials and sensitive information.

  • Detect unusual or unauthorized access patterns.

  • Understand the usage behavior of shared vault items.

  • Aid forensic investigations related to credential misuse.

Key Features of Resmo's 1Password Audit Logs:

  • Detailed log entries: Capture comprehensive information like timestamps, event descriptions, event types, and the identities of users who accessed or modified an item.

  • Centralized logging: Merge 1Password item usage logs with other integration logs for a holistic overview.

  • Real-time monitoring: Stay updated with immediate tracking of item access and changes within 1Password.

  • Activity Graph: Understand 1Password item usage trends by visually monitoring all activities based on different parameters.

  • Log integrity: Assure the authenticity of the logs – once an item access event is logged, it's immutable.

  • Search and filter: Easily locate specific 1Password audit logs by using various search criteria and filters.

After integrating 1Password with Resmo, the platform starts by polling 1Password's item usage and audit logs to consolidate the event history for the added integration. Post the initial aggregation, smart polling is activated to ensure real-time updates.

  • Set a time range: Focus on item accesses and audit events within specific periods for better analysis.

  • Group by: Categorize 1Password audit events based on Activity Type, Item Type, Access Type, and Actor to get a clear visual breakdown.

  • Search bar: Instantly find specific item usage events or audit anomalies.

  • Filters: Refine the logs by filtering based on Item Types, Actors, Activities, and Actions. Toggle filters on and off as per the need.

  • Detailed Insights: Clicking on individual log entries will unveil more in-depth details like IP address, result of the action (e.g., successful access, failed attempt), and other relevant metadata.

By harnessing the power of Resmo's audit logging with 1Password integration, organizations can significantly boost their security posture, ensuring that their most sensitive credentials are both well-utilized and well-guarded.

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