Connecting your PagerDuty account to Resmo can be advantageous in various ways. PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform that helps teams prevent and resolve incidents. Resmo can collect and analyze configuration data from PagerDuty, which can be useful for identifying operational risks, detecting best practices, and optimizing configurations.
Using Resmo's SQL query capabilities, users can ask complex questions about their PagerDuty configuration data. For example:
  • Which teams have the most on-call schedules?
  • How many escalation policies are associated with each service?
  • What are the most common event types triggering incidents?
  • Which business services have the most associated incidents?
  • How many maintenance windows are scheduled across all services?
Setting up change alerts can also be helpful for monitoring critical changes in your PagerDuty configuration. For example:
  • Get notified when a new escalation policy is created.
  • Receive an alert when a user's contact method is updated.
  • Get notified when a new maintenance window is scheduled.
  • Receive an alert when a webhook subscription is modified.
  • Get notified when a service's incident urgency rule changes.
In conclusion, connecting your PagerDuty account to Resmo can provide valuable insights into your organization's incident management and operational efficiency. By leveraging Resmo's SQL query capabilities and change alerting, you can stay on top of important changes and optimize your PagerDuty configuration for maximum effectiveness.
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