Connecting your Atlassian account to Resmo can bring about numerous benefits. Atlassian is an organization-wide subscription that connects your Atlassian cloud products to your identity provider. With Resmo, you can collect and analyze configuration data from Atlassian, a process that can be valuable for optimizing customer support activities, improving team collaboration, and better understanding customer interactions. By using Resmo's SQL query capabilities, users can ask complex questions about their Atlassian configuration data. For example:

  • How many users have access to a atlassian product?

  • Which workspaces do you have in the organization?

  • Which policies are applied to the organization?

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of each user?

Additionally, setting up change alerts can also be helpful for monitoring vital changes in your Atlassian configuration. For instance:

  • Get notified when a new user is added to the organization.

  • Receive an alert when a user's access to a product is changed.

  • Get notified when an organization policy is deleted or updated.

  • Receive an alert when a organization name is updated.

  • Get notified when domain verification status is changed.

In summary, connecting your Atlassian account to Resmo can provide valuable insights into your customer support operations and team's performance. By leveraging Resmo's SQL query capabilities and change alerting, you can keep track of important changes, optimize your Atlassian configuration, and ultimately enhance your customer support effectiveness.



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