Amazon Web Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. Resmo can connect to an AWS account to collect configuration data from various AWS resources, including EC2 instances, S3 buckets, security groups, and IAM users. Resmo can help users monitor the configuration of their AWS resources, detect security issues, and ensure best practices are followed.
With Resmo's SQL queries, users can ask complex questions about their AWS configuration data. For example:
  • Which EC2 instances have public IP addresses?
  • Which S3 buckets are publicly accessible?
  • Which security groups allow traffic from all IP addresses?
  • Which IAM users have not logged in within the last 90 days?
  • Which RDS instances are not encrypted?
Users can also set alarms to receive notifications when critical changes occur in their AWS resources. For example:
  • Receive an alert when a new IAM user is created.
  • Receive an alert when a security group's rules are modified.
  • Receive an alert when an EC2 instance is terminated.
  • Receive an alert when an S3 bucket's permissions are changed.
  • Receive an alert when an RDS instance's encryption status changes.
Supports Events
Access Analyzer
Account Contact
ACM Certificate
ApiGateway Rest API
ApiGateway Stage
ApiGatewayV2 API
ApiGatewayV2 Stage
Application Auto Scaling Target
Athena Data Source
Athena Database
Athena Table
Athena Work Group
Autoscaling Group
Autoscaling Launch Configuration
Autoscaling Policy
Autoscaling Scheduled Action
Backup Job
Backup Copy Job
Backup Framework
Backup Global Settings
Backup Plan
Backup Protected Resource
Backup Region Settings
Backup Report Job
Backup Report Plan
Backup Restore Job
Backup Selection
Backup Vault
CloudFormation Stack
CloudFormation StackSet
CloudFront Distribution
CloudWatch Composite Alarm
CloudWatch Log Group
CloudWatch Metric Alarm
CloudWatch Metric Filter
CodeBuild Project
CodeBuild Source Credential
Cognito Identity Pool
Cognito User Pool
Cognito User Pool Group
Config Recorder Status
DAX Cluster
DAX Subnet Group
DMS Replication Instance
DocumentDB Cluster
DocumentDB Instance
DocumentDB Parameter Group
DocumentDB Snapshot
DocumentDB Subnet Group
DynamoDB Backup
DynamoDB Table
EC2 Defaults
EC2 Instance
EC2 Launch Template
EC2 Snapshot
EC2 Transit Gateway
EC2 Volume
ECR Repository
ECR Public Repository
ECS Cluster
ECS Service
ECS Task
ECS Task Definition
ECS Task Definition Family
EFS Access Point
EFS File System
EFS Mount Target
Elastic IP
EKS Addon
EKS Cluster
EKS Identity Provider
ElastiCache Cluster
ElastiCache Parameter Group
ElastiCache Replication Group
ElastiCache Subnet Group
Elastic Beanstalk Application
Elastic Beanstalk Environment
ELB Load Balancer
ELB Target Group
EMR Cluster
EMR Instance
EMR Instance Fleet
EventBridge API Destination
EventBridge Archive
EventBridge Connection
EventBridge Event Bus
EventBridge Event Source
EventBridge Rule
Glue Catalog Database
Glue Catalog Table
Glue Crawler
Glue Dev Endpoint
GuardDuty Detector
GuardDuty Filter
GuardDuty Finding
GuardDuty IP Set
GuardDuty Member
GuardDuty Publishing Destination
GuardDuty Threat Intel Set
IAM Account Summary
IAM Credential Report
IAM Group
IAM Identity Center Group
IAM Identity Center Instance
IAM Identity Center Permission Set
IAM Identity Center Permission Set Assignment
IAM Identity Center User
IAM Instance Profile
IAM Managed Policy
IAM Password Policy
IAM Policy
IAM Role
IAM Server Certificate
IAM User
IAM Virtual MFA Device
Inspector Assessment Run
Inspector Assessment Target
Inspector Assessment Template
Inspector Exclusion
Inspector Finding
Kinesis Application
Kinesis Delivery Stream
Kinesis Stream
Kinesis Video Stream
KMS Alias
KMS Grant
Lambda Event Source Mapping
Lambda Function
Lambda Layer
Network Firewall Policy
Network Firewall Rule Group
OpenSearch Domain
OpenSearch Inbound Connection
OpenSearch Outbound Connection
OpenSearch Package
Organizational Unit
RDS Certificate
RDS Cluster
RDS Cluster Parameter Group
RDS Cluster Snapshot
RDS DB Parameter Group
RDS DB Security Group
RDS DB Snapshot
RDS Event Subscription
RDS Instance
Redshift Cluster
Redshift Event Subscription
Redshift Parameter Group