Hetzner Cloud

Integrating your Hetzner Cloud account with Resmo offers a comprehensive view of your organization's infrastructure and cloud-based resources. Hetzner Cloud provides reliable and scalable virtual servers, data centers, load balancers, firewalls, and networks, empowering organizations to build and manage their applications with ease. By leveraging Resmo's capabilities to collect and analyze Hetzner Cloud configuration data, you can gain valuable insights, optimize your infrastructure, and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Resmo's SQL query capabilities enable you to ask complex questions about your Hetzner Cloud configuration data, including:

  • What are the details of servers, including their specifications, IP addresses, locations, and associated projects or teams?

  • What are the specifications and capacities of each datacenter, including the supported server types and network connectivity options?

  • What is the current load distribution across load balancers and their associated servers?

Setting up change alerts in Resmo for your Hetzner Cloud account can also help you monitor critical configuration changes, such as:

  • Notifications when servers are created, modified, or deleted, and when their specifications or associated projects change.

  • Alerts when load balancers are created, modified, or deleted, and when forwarding rules, health checks, or SSL certificates are updated.

  • Updates when firewalls are created, modified, or deleted, and when firewall rules or network security settings change.

  • Notifications when network configurations are created, modified, or deleted, and when connectivity options or routing tables are modified. In conclusion, integrating your Hetzner Cloud account with Resmo provides a centralized platform to manage and optimize your infrastructure resources effectively. By leveraging Resmo's SQL query capabilities and change alerting features, you can gain valuable insights, ensure optimal resource utilization, and respond promptly to critical changes within your Hetzner Cloud environment.

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