Hexnode's integration with Resmo empowers you to streamline and optimize your organization's IT infrastructure and user management processes. Hexnode offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing users, devices, applications, and policies, making it a valuable asset for modern organizations seeking efficient and secure management of their resources. By integrating Hexnode with Resmo, you can leverage its robust features to gain insights and take proactive actions on various aspects of your IT environment. Here's how the integration enhances your capabilities:

Utilize Resmo's advanced query capabilities to analyze Hexnode's data, including HexnodeUser, HexnodeDevice, HexnodeUserGroup, HexnodeAppCatalog, HexnodeAppGroup, HexnodeApplication, HexnodeDeviceGroup, and HexnodePolicy. With Resmo, you can:

  • Gain visibility into the current status and activity of users, devices, and user groups within your organization.

  • Track device assignments and configurations for better asset management and security enforcement.

  • Review IP lists, directory configurations, and device group settings to optimize resource allocation and security measures.

Set up change alerts in Resmo to stay informed about critical updates and events in your Hexnode environment. Receive notifications for:

  • New additions or modifications to users, devices, and user groups.

  • Changes in device configurations or new device enrollments.

  • Updates to policies or the creation of new policies.

  • Changes or modifications in applications.

  • Updates to device group configurations.

Integrating Hexnode with Resmo empowers you to efficiently monitor and manage your organization's IT infrastructure and user management data. By leveraging Resmo's advanced capabilities for analysis and change alerting, you can ensure that your organization remains secure, compliant, and optimized for performance. With Hexnode and Resmo working seamlessly together, you can make informed decisions and take proactive actions to drive productivity and security across your organization's IT ecosystem.



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