Integrating your Drata account with Resmo offers powerful capabilities to enhance your organization's data security, compliance, and risk management processes. By leveraging the data from Drata workspaces, controls, monitors, monitoring controls, and personnel, Resmo can provide valuable insights and enable efficient management of your security and compliance initiatives.
Using Resmo's SQL query capabilities, you can gain deeper visibility into your Drata data by asking specific questions such as:
  • What are the details of each Drata workspace, including its name, description, and associated personnel?
  • How many controls are implemented within each Drata, and what are their specific attributes and statuses?
  • Which monitors are active in the Drata, and what are their configurations and compliance statuses?
  • What are the specific monitoring controls defined in each Drata, and how do they contribute to compliance monitoring?
  • What is the personnel information associated with Drata, including their roles, responsibilities, and contact details?
With Resmo's change alerting feature, you can proactively monitor and receive notifications about important modifications to your Drata data. Here are some examples:
  • Get alerted when a new Drata workspace is created or when its attributes, such as the name or description, are modified.
  • Receive notifications when a control's status changes, indicating compliance updates or potential risks.
  • Be alerted when a monitor's configuration is updated or when compliance statuses change, ensuring timely actions.
  • Get notified when monitoring controls are added, modified, or removed from Drata.
  • Receive alerts about personnel changes within Drata , such as role updates or contact information modifications.
In summary, integrating your Drata account with Resmo empowers you to effectively manage and optimize your security and compliance efforts. By utilizing Resmo's SQL query capabilities and change alerting, you can derive meaningful insights, ensure adherence to security controls, and proactively respond to changes within your Drata workspaces, controls, monitors, monitoring controls, and personnel.
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