Microsoft 365

Integrating your Microsoft 365 account with Resmo can bring numerous advantages. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that provides access to various Microsoft Office applications and cloud-based productivity services. By connecting Microsoft 365 with Resmo, you can gather and analyze activity logs from various Microsoft services such as OneNote, SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook.
Here are some key activity types that Resmo collects:
  • Audit.SharePoint: Captures events related to SharePoint Online, including file access, sharing, modifications, deletions, and site administration actions.
  • Audit.Exchange: Focuses on activities in Exchange Online, such as email sending, receiving, mailbox access, configurations, and rule changes.
  • Audit.General: Covers various Microsoft 365 services, tracking administrator actions, and security-related events.
  • DLP.All: Records data loss prevention activities, including policy violations, sensitive information detection, and remediation actions taken by DLP policies.
By leveraging Resmo's capabilities, you can perform various actions and gain insights from the collected Microsoft 365 activity data:
  • Email Analysis: Analyzing email activity data can provide insights into communication patterns, email response times, and email volume. This helps users identify critical email threads, prioritize messages, and improve email management practices.
  • File Access and Collaboration: Tracking file access and collaboration activity data allows users to understand how files are shared, modified, and collaborated upon. This information helps users identify key contributors, optimize collaboration workflows, and ensure appropriate access controls are in place.
  • Meeting Attendance and Productivity: Analyzing meeting activity data, including attendance, duration, and recurrence patterns, helps users assess their meeting habits and identify opportunities for more efficient and effective meetings. It also aids in understanding meeting productivity and optimizing scheduling practices.
  • Application Usage: Tracking application usage data provides insights into which Microsoft 365 applications users are utilizing the most and least. This information allows users to identify opportunities for training, explore underutilized tools, and optimize their productivity by leveraging the full suite of Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Security and Compliance Monitoring: Monitoring security-related activity data, such as login events, access requests, and suspicious activities, helps users maintain a vigilant approach to security. It enables the identification of potential security threats, ensures compliance with data protection regulations, and allows for proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information.
With Resmo, you can effectively manage your Microsoft 365 environment, enhance security measures, and streamline device management processes.
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