Integrating your Microsoft Intune account with Resmo can bring numerous advantages. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities. By connecting Intune with Resmo, you can gather and analyze data related to compliance policies, device configurations, enrolled devices, and more, enabling you to enhance security, streamline device management, and optimize operations.

Here are some key resources that Resmo collects from the Microsoft Intune API:

  • Intune Compliance Management Partner: Retrieve information about compliance management partners associated with Intune, such as their enrollment status, supported platforms, and last heartbeat timestamp. This helps monitor and manage compliance partnerships effectively.

  • Intune Detected App: Access details about apps detected on managed devices, including the number of devices with the app, app version, size, and managed device information. This allows you to track app usage and ensure compliance with organizational policies.

  • Intune Device Compliance Policy: Gather information about device compliance policies, including their settings, status overview, and rule assignments. This enables you to assess the compliance status of enrolled devices and take necessary actions.

  • Intune Device Configuration: Retrieve device configuration details, such as settings, status overview, and summaries of setting states. This allows you to manage and monitor device configurations across your organization effectively.

  • Intune Device Enrollment Configuration: Access information about device enrollment configurations, including their settings and assignments. This helps streamline and customize the device enrollment process.

By leveraging Resmo's capabilities, you can perform various actions and gain insights from the collected Microsoft Intune data:

  • Analyze device compliance across different policies and rule assignments.

  • Monitor device configurations and ensure compliance with organizational standards.

  • Track app usage and identify trends or potential security risks.

  • Evaluate the enrollment status and effectiveness of device enrollment configurations.

  • Gain visibility into device health, including security patches, encryption status, and threat reports.

With Resmo, you can effectively manage your Microsoft Intune environment, enhance security measures, and streamline device management processes.

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